_MG_7316Even the champion Sandra Klomp will be present to the 7th edition of the Rally of Sardinia bike that takes place in the beautiful scenery in Sardinia Ogliastra from 8 to 14 June. The news was confirmed by the same athlete of Dutch origin but resident in Liguria, that in these last years has won the most challenging and meaningful competitions, competing successfully in Italy, Holland, Brazil, Austria, Spain and Australia, earning the champion title of two worlds.

She is a tenacious, spirited, cheerful and dynamic woman. She is the mother of three children, but thishas certainly not hindered her in the course of her brilliant sports career.
Her sport curriculum beguins in 1989 when riding a mountain bike she wins all the regional competitions to which she participates, and a year later she obtains the 4th  place in the Italian Championship and 36th  in the World Championship. It will be a succession of triumphs as her first victory at the Transalpand 6th place in the Rock d’Azur; then the incredible escalation Ironbike since 2001. In 2005 she won theTranscatalunya in Spain and the rally Piocera in Brazil. In 2006 she won the Savoy Classic and a prestigious second place at the Crocodile Trophy in Australia. In 2012 she won the Vuelta in 2013 and the GimondiBike in Ibiza. In 2013 during the Valcavallina Superbike in a downhill stretch Sandra Klompunfortunately suffers a violent impact to the left knee with a competitor that was passing. Unfortunately, the doctors will diagnose her the cruciate and meniscus rupture, a small ligament injury that will force her to undergo an operation and stop from racing for six months.

For 2014 the return to Sardinia Rally Bike will be a great and exciting challenge for the “flyng mother”, now so renamed by all, which sees her as a favorite in the five stages of the mountains from Arzana to Barisardo.

The Klomp, in fact, has already been in Ogliastra as an athlete in 2009, then as a trailblazer in the following years. “It is a land that I know for some time now and I love” – So says the Sardinian-Dutch athlete – “I really hope to win this rally that takes place in a landscape so fascinating and charming for all those of us who deal with dirt roads, tracks and paths to explore. The mountain bike allows you to know the natura where and how no other means can do. ”

“Sandra is certainly the favorite”– says Victor Serra, the Sardinian veteran athlete from the most grueling races in the world – “As for me, I will defend the colors of Sardinia and it will not be easy.”

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